Why You Need Renter’s Insurance and How to Get It

Renters-insurance-bdf14eMany people do not understand the need for renter’s insurance. Most renters fail to acquire renter’s insurance because they feel that they are covered by the landlord’s insurance. However, you need to understand that the landlord’s insurance only covers the landlord’s property and in case of an emergency, you are left exposed and at a loss.

Renter’s insurance covers both residential houses and commercial companies. But why do you need renter’s insurance? This article provides you with the answers to that question.

  • Protection for your property.

The landlord’s insurance only cover’s the building and other property that belong to the landlord such as windows, doors and built in cabinets. In case of an emergency that causes damage or theft to your property, the landlord’s insurance will not cover such damages. To ensure that your belongings such as clothes, furniture, electronics, and any other company properties are covered in case of damage and theft, ensure that you get renters insurance. Renter’s insurance pays for or replaces your personal or company items in case of any damage or theft and prevents you from incurring heavy costs of replacements.

  • Liability Coverage.

Renter’s insurance also covers expenses associated with liability claims. These are claims such as negligence, medical bills, court fees, and attorney fees that are associated with your home or office. For instance, if you or someone else is injured at the office or in your house, the renter’s insurance covers for their medical expenses rather than having you pay for them.

  • Unexpected living expenses.

Some renter’s insurance policies cover for additional expenses incurred unexpectedly when living at the house. If unexpected damage occurs to your house, the renter’s insurance will cover, up to a certain limit, the cost of living elsewhere as you wait for your house to be repaired.

How to Get Renter’s Insurance.

The easiest way to acquire renter’s insurance especially for your house, is by contacting your car insurance provider. In most cases, the company that offers your car insurance will have a renter’s insurance policy and may offer it at discounted prices as you will be taking two policies. You can also look around the insurance companies to get the one that offers the best coverage for renter’s insurance. The price of the policy will vary from company to company, and will also be determined by; value of the property to be covered, the location, and the benefits that come with the policy. Normally, most renters’ insurance policies for personal residential will be at a cost of $15 to $20 a month. It is a very fair price to pay for coverage of all your personal property. Renter’s insurance policies for commercial companies will mainly vary by the value of items been covered.

It is therefore important to get renters insurance anytime you move into a new house, or set up new company offices. Renter’s insurance gets rid of the worry and expense of replacing valuable property in case of destruction or theft. It is a small price to pay for the benefits it could offer. Always contact your insurance company or agent for more information on renters insurance.

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