Newlyweds: First home organization together – Part 1

Newlyweds: First home organization together

Engagement parties, bachelor/bachelorette party trips, and the wedding day have come to an end; of course, all this has given you wonderful and unforgettable moments, we cannot deny it. But the time has come to officially established as a couple and make important decisions about the organization of each room in your new house or apartment.

Congratulations!! Your first home together as a married couple, this is an exciting commitment, isn’t it? Have fun and enjoy it, you both have earned it.

Perhaps you are one of the many couples out there that consider home organizing as something that would give you continuous headaches; I mean, besides getting a bigger bed, you will have to decide whether it is appropriate to buy new appliances, get rid of the carpet and put in hardwood floors, buy some things to personalize your home spaces and organize your personal things you’ve brought with you. You are now beginning a complete new life as partners and will spend your days and nights sharing moments there, be sure to make decisions that both equally agree to make your home a pleasant place to be.

Get excited because achieving the home you deserve it’s easy, flexible and you’ll see the difference in few days.

Where to start?

First of all, consider your move on the weekend, that way you both will be able to team up very well and prevent getting caught in a stressful situation, besides, take off the idea that your home would be fully organized in one day; yes, you might get physically exhausted on your first day, but you may reward it with a glass of wine afterwards.

Here are a few considerations to start over with your home organization:

TEAM UP: As a team made an agreement committing to carry out with the organization of each space.

STAY POSITIVE: Focus on the good things like: maybe you’re getting a better house where your future children will be able to play safely, better area, closer to family, etc.

DUSTING: Yes. Dusting is the worst part of your moving day; however it is very important to keep your home away from germs and dirt before you start placing your furniture andappliances.

KITCHEN: Since the kitchen is the main area of the house; the first place where you’ll spend most of the time, you should start organizing this area. It won’t take you more than 30 minutes.

  • Begin with the install of your refrigerator
  • Organize your cabinets and drawers (Cooking and baking utensils should be in the drawer nearest to the preparation area)
  • Organize your pantry shelves (Use clear plastic boxes to store food, this would make you easier to instantly find what you need)
  • Store frequently used items on easy places for you to reach

BEDROOM: It is time to build your little love nest!

  • Decide where you want to place your bedroom (this way it will be easier to position other furniture around it)
  • Organize your bedside table
  • Organize your clothes in the closet (hang up the most wearable items on the sides, that way you can hang rarely-worn items to a more prominent position, eventually you’re going to start taking them into consideration)

Be sure to wipe down all surfaces that you already clean off. If you have a mirror, a TV, or a computer in your room, wipe off the screens.

Thank you for reading! You can start taking notes on this so you may be able create your dream home with no worries. At Nice Guy Movers Orlando we greatly desire to share ‘Moving Day’ with you, always providing excellent services to all our customers.