Newlyweds: First home organization together – Part 2

Newlyweds: First home organization together – Part 2

Well, it’s been exciting talking about the first home organization as newlyweds that we decided to create a second part so that you both can be able to become experts in home improvement and show your friends and family that you are doing great on your new life as a married couple. Remember that vacation season is coming soon and this means possible guests visiting you; if you have planned on moving soon have in mind that a well-organized home will get you out of discomforts and embarrassments.

Just to make sure that we are all on the same page, on the last post we end up giving you tips about the organization of your bedroom; but that’s not it, right? If you haven’t take notes on the first part, take a look at First Home Organization – Part 1 post in order to follow the organization process.  Whether you own a small space or a big house with large areas, we recommend you to keep track on the organization of the most essential home spaces.

Bathrooms: Messy bathroom, messy people!

Your bathrooms should be seen just as important as any other space in your new home since it is crucial to keep it always clean and disinfected; even more if you own a guest bathroom. Believe us when we say that if you tend to have a messy bathroom, with dirty clothes on the floor, and trash cans full of toilet papers, it will speak badly of you. Take note at what to do to keep your bathroom always clean and organized:

  • Check pipes in the bathroom only to see if they are in good condition.
  • It is essential to clean the toilet every time is used; we recommend you to buy a cleaning product that continuously disinfects the toilet whenever is used.
  • Place shelves on the wall to store towels of all sizes and any other essentials such as body lotions, cottons, extra soaps, and extra toilet paper. You will be saving space.
  • Place a basket where to put dirty clothes (Tip: do not buy a see-through basket;chances are that nobody wants to see your dirty underwear).

Living Room: Chaos-free gathering space!

Next step would be your living room since your friends and family can’t wait to meet your new home and you should have already a space where you can receive them and gather without feeling all tight and having to resort to sit on your packing boxes. You might take into consideration essential aspects that will give you the peace that you’re looking before you realize that something was wrong with that space.


  • Doors and windows open and close properly, without causing damage to frames or floors.
  • Having cleared the dust from your living room you might check the measurements of the space, so you may not have any problem when placing the furniture in the areas you want.
  • If you’ve planned to paint the walls do it before you place any stuff in that specific area.
  • We suggest you to make a mental picture of your furniture arrangement, start placing each element making sure to leave gaps between each piece of furniture to facilitate easy movement; thus the room will look bigger and comfortable.
  • Designate a special spot to store blankets and other essentials such as books, movies, magazines that can be used by any member.
  • Wipe down all surfaces that you already clean off, like the TV, shelves, mirrors, windows and spots where the dust likes to hide.

Voila!  Now there is nothing that can stop you to achieve your dream home. Just thinking that we are able to assist with all aspects before and after your next move really gives us satisfaction in what we do! At Nice Guy Movers Orlando we ensure the advantage to make every customer feel supported and confident about our way of caring on any move we make.