Orlando Area Long Term Storage Options After Your Move

Orlando Storage – What to do after the move

Short and long term

shutterstock_207420325When choosing a facility, consider both long and short term needs. If the kids are moving in a few years, and you might have to store away furniture, long term storage might be the route to go. If on the other hand, you simply need to store a few boxes, until you have a free weekend to unpack them, you can choose month to month rental options. In deciding on a local storage facility, this is something you have to inquire about, to avoid getting locked into a contract if you don’t need it, and to ensure you have the storage solution in place, for as long (or short) a period of time as needed.

Cost, security and space

In some instances, you simply have to store a few boxes, and don’t business-storagerequire too much security; if on the other hand, you are storing pricey or valuable items, security is important. In addition to this, depending on what you are storing, you might need indoor storage (ac, space free from water damage, etc). And, depending on if you are storing one item, or several items from your home, the size of the unit you choose, will vary in each instance. For those in search of a storage facility, make sure you know how secure it is, the unit size options, whether there is gated access, and of course the cost (based on rental duration and terms).

Shop around before storing

Orlando, FL is a huge market, and there are several storage facilities you can choose to store your belongings in. Some are geared to residential, others towards business. Some offer month to month, others offer long term discount pricing if you sign a contract. Make sure you find out what each local facility offers before you rent. Not only to save, but to find the safest, secure, reputable storage facility for your belongings.

From storing a few boxes until you have time to clean up the new home, to storing some furniture when the kids move out for college, you have several solutions to consider when renting a storage unit in Orlando, Fl. When the time comes to choose where to rent, these are a few of the things you should consider as a new resident, not only so you find the best prices, but also safest facility, and perfect sized storage units for your self storage needs.

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