10 Orlando Based Companies – Ready to Hire You

Ranked 6th in Forbes’ 15 Best Big Cities for Jobs and one of the cities with the fastest job insurance-contractgrowth rates in US cities, Orlando is a promising destination for job seekers. The city’s business services industry, construction, leisure and hospitality, education and health, and wholesale trade were sectors with the most growth in 2018. Here are the growing companies ready to hire you.


1. Savage Race

The fun obstacle racecourses company operates in the middle and east US states. It is currently searching for staff for weekend events and a set-up crew member. If you are a passionate, creative mind, Savage Race is looking to add you to their team.

2. DG3

DG3 is an internationally operating company with offices in three countries aside from the US. It is currently hiring for a tracking specialist, promotional coordinator, digital print operator, and a part-time electro-mechanical technician.


ISGF has offices across the United States, providing IT solutions to corporations. Look into ISGF’s job opportunities for a building and release engineer, recruiting manager, and Python developer.

4. Loyal Source Government Services

This company supports the military and related government agencies with human resource, IT, and engineering services. It is currently searching for a technical project manager, credentialing coordinator, a registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, and a medical assistant.

5. Nextelligence

Nextelligence provides e-commerce support to brick and mortar stores. Although it is a small company of 10 employees, it has vacancies every now and then. If you are attracted to small company cultures, be sure to send them an email outlining your interests and intent of joining their team.

6. Acomb Ostendorf and Associates

The niche hospitality service provider works with resorts, hotels, parks, and restaurants to create unique entertainment experiences. They currently have room for a business information modeling coordinator.

7. Chatter Buzz Media

At Chatter Buzz Media, creating marketing campaigns that give results is what they do all day. The company is searching for a talented digital marketing strategist, an email marketing coordinator, a sales development representative, a growth marketing intern, and a front-end web developer.

8. One Hope United

One Hope United offers a range of supportive services to families and children—from community-based programs to early childhood education. Although they are not currently open to taking in new staff, do keep an eye on their vacancies.

9. Hyatt Hotels

The hospitality giant is lauded as one of the most fulfilling places to work. They are searching for a guest service lead, a room attendant, security officer, cook, house person, a barista, director of sales, and a runner.

10. Publix Super Market

This supermarket chain is looking for a range of talent to join their team. If you have experience as a fleet maintenance technician, cafeteria cook, sous chef, cafeteria worker, or cafeteria team leader, have a look at their vacancies to find your job.
Working with these growing companies in Florida is a smart career move. Not only do you get to work in one of the country’s most economically stable cities, but you get an exceptional experience with lots of room for career growth.