Packing Electronics Best Practices for Your Next Relocation

If you are preparing to move, chances are the overall safety of your electronics and the factfabian-grohs-672016-unsplash that they could be damaged during the move is something that has been constantly on your mind. Having a lot of electronics that need packing can seem daunting. Worry not, though. Because there are a few things you can do to make the entire process a lot more manageable. Here is a list of all the important things you need to do when packing up your electronics for a relocation.

1. Before you pack up your electronics, ensure that you have backed up all your photos and files. This applies to all the computers and other devices that you have.

2. Choose the right packaging material.

Look for strong boxes that are a little larger than the electronic device you are packing in. Original packaging is very ideal if you have it lying around! Use strong tape to ensure all the boxes are sealed tight. Plastic wraps will protect your electronics from scratches and damages. Soft packing paper will cushion your electronics from impacts and keep dust away. Bubble wraps are also perfect for the job. This is because they are anti-static. Electronics are sensitive to static electricity.

3. Organize your electronics and their accessories.

If you have a printer with toner or any other form of a cartridge, remove them, look for a bag that you will seal them in to avoid spillage. Keep the bag close enough to the machine to avoid misplacement. Put all media equipment like CDs, flash disks in one package. Pack all remotes and any other accessories to avoid misplacement.

4. Label all cords.

Untangling cords and trying to figure out what goes where can be so frustrating! Fold all your cords and wrap them neatly. Label them appropriately so that they are easy to identify when you unpack. Keep them in the same packaging as their corresponding devices.

5. Pack them in labelled packages and seal them properly.

Once you are done with all these processes, make sure that all your boxes are labelled. It makes it easier to identify them. This is how you will know which box goes where at the time you start moving.

Final Thoughts

Before you move, be sure to assess the weather conditions on your moving day. If it is a hot season then consider the effect of temperature on your devices. High temperatures can damage your electronics. Therefore, if it is hot, consider taking the electronics with you rather than putting them in a moving truck. Ink cartridges are sensitive to temperature so you should know how well to handle them to avoid messes.