Packing Tips for Busy Moms

  1. Get Organized with a Binder

Many busy moms know the power of a well designed binder. During the moving process,shutterstock_750842290 you’ll probably be dealing with a lot of paperwork, contact information, and schedules to coordinate. Keeping everything in one place will help ensure that you’ll never be scrambling to find a phone number or receipt. Designate one section as an inventory for your boxes. As you pack, number each box and create a guide of what you pack in each. If unpacking is a slow process, you’ll be able to quickly find your child’s favorite pair of shoes and avoid a major meltdown.

  1. Let the Kids Pack a Box

Don’t discount the effect that a move will have on the kids. Make them a part of the process to help them feel like they have some control. Give each child one small box that they can pack themselves, with the things they see as essentials, like a favorite outfit, some toys, and something to decorate their new room with. Let them keep the box with them while traveling, if possible, and let it be the first thing they take into their new room.

  1. Make an Open Me First Box

Grab a clear bin from any big box store and leave it open in a central location while you pack up the rest of the house. Make this your “Open Me First” box. Add any essentials that you’ll need within the first couple days of moving into your new place. Add a box cutter for opening up the boxes you’ve packed, paper towels, plastic utensils and paper plates, toilet paper, and your phone chargers. As a busy mom, you know that life will be hectic right after the move. Having this box of essentials will prepare you to be efficient as soon as you move in.

  1. Say Yes to Help

When friends, family, and neighbors offer to lend a hand, say yes. If anyone asks what they can do to help, let them know. Ask someone you trust to babysit on a Saturday while you work on packing. Have someone come to the house on moving day to keep an eye on the kids while you pack up the moving van.

Moving is stressful, but being prepared can help make it a smooth process. Stay as positive as possible and your kids will copy your behavior, making it an easier experience for everyone.

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