How to Preserver Your Plants During Your Next Move

scott-webb-186137-unsplashSo you’ve finally decided it’s time for a move but then a harsh reality now dawns: how do I safely move my plants with me? Well, unlike most of the things in your house, you cannot simply shove your succulent green friends down a dark box. They require extremely delicate handling if they are to successfully make the trip to your new home and this article will show just how you can ensure that.

1) Get mobile containers for potted plants
Moving potted plants can be challenging but to ease things up, you could simply purchase special containers with wheels that make it safe and effortless to move the heavier ones from one place to another. Ceramic and plastic pots are quite fragile and if you have any of these, be sure to wrap some protective padding around such containers. Pieces of an old mattress or bubble wrap make excellent cushioning.

2) Ensure the vehicle’s windows are closed
Plants are sensitive to wind so to protect them from the effects of lunging air from an open car window, it’s best to keep the windows shut. If it gets really stuffy inside, you can open just a single window and this should be the window on the same side as the plants so that they aren’t in the direct path of the wind.

3) Keep plants away from heat sources or air conditioners
When packing your plants, remember to not keep them near vents or heaters of the vehicle. If kept near vents, ensure that these openings are closed throughout the journey. Moreover, keep plants away from direct sunlight which can damage delicate foliage.

4) Use insulation if moving during a cold day
Plants are extremely sensitive to temperature changes and if you are moving on a chilly day, you should consider wrapping your plants in a heat insulator of some kind e.g. a plastic bag. Make sure that the leaves do not come into direct contact with any cold parts such as a window as the cold can still be damaging. Alternatively, you could hire a climate-controlled truck for the move that’ll allow you to set the ideal temperature for your plants.

5) Arrange houseplants in the car so that they are snug
You need a wooden or plastic crate if you are to transport houseplants effectively. Arrange them such that are firmly secured in place and for this purpose, you may add filer materials such as newspapers and thick cotton in between the empty spaces.

If you don’t want to go through all the hassle of moving plants, you could simply let an experienced professional take care of everything for you. Nurseries have the requisite expertise to get the job done and you can contact a local one and let them handle everything.