Professional Movers Orlando

Professional Movers Orlando

Avoid Hiring Undependable MoversThe challenge facing many Orlando, FL families and individuals who are preparing for a move is to find the right company to pack, transport, and handle your valuables. You need to spend time researching the movers you are looking at considering and be preached to ask questions that can help you determine if they are trustworthy or not. Here are some good questions to consider asking before you choose Professional Movers Orlando, FL:

  • How long have you been in business and how long have you been in the area?
  • How long has the moving crew helping me been working in the industry?
  • Have any complaints been filed against the Orlando, FL moving company?
  • What has the company done to rectify complaints and customer concerns in the past?
  • What references do they have and how many references can they provide?
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau for Professional Movers Orlando to see ratings.
  • What’s the safety rating and records for the fleet- how many accidents has the company had?
  • Is there a third party involved for special move items and who are they?

First impressions really do count and you should pay attention to how you feel about a company after your first contact with them. How professional and respectful were they? Did they give you a feeling of confidence or do you feel apprehensive after talking to them. Your gut can go a long way in helping you avoid less than stellar movers. There are signs that the company is a rogue mover and not a Professional Movers in Orlando FL:

  • There is no on-site inspection and all agreements are made over the phone or online.
  • The Orlando, FL moving company requires cash payments and a large deposit upfront.
  • You are not given a Rights and Responsibilities booklet which is required by Federal law.
  • The company’s website does not give a local address and mentions no licensing information.
  • The mover claims that they cover all items under their basic insurance plan.
  • When you call they answer with a generic greeting rather than the company’s name.Professional Movers Orlando like Nice Guy Movers
  • Offices and warehouse don’t exist or are in poor shape- if you are even allowed to see them
  • On moving day, a rental truck pulls up instead of a company-owned fleet truck.


Only Trust Qualified Professional Movers

It is important that you make note of anything suspicious and trust your gut feelings. And above all, if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t and you should go with another company so you can find the Professional Movers in Orlando, FL.