Protect Home From Intruders While on Summer Vacation

It is very common that when you are about to leave home for summer vacation you get a little worried by the threat of a home break-in; unfortunately here and everywhere criminals are always on the lookout for the next easy target and this season becomes a reason to take advantage while you’re not around. So while you are already making plans to take a short break, go camping, visit relatives or travel to some relaxing place, thieves are also making plans to snoop around your belongings.  And there can be more to deal with than just replacing the stolen items, in fact we know this is a situation that can affect your comfort and according to some US studies it can take an average of four months to recover from the stress of a break-in.

Don’t let the risks of leaving your home unprotected to keep you concerned during your well-deserved vacation. A little extra security precautions will help you keep your property and belongings safer while you’re enjoying your days at the beach besides keeping you free from worrying thoughts once you’re on the road to your fun escapade. Keep reading if you want to take the following measures and strategies this summer.

Lock doors & windows

It happens very often that the same day you leave out of town you tend to overlook specific and critical areas of your house that must be check on even twice to make sure they’re correctly fortify. Doors and windows are like the weakest links for thieves, they know that most doors can be breached with a swift kick and the backyard window can be easily broken without anybody even noticing.

Purchase fake security stickers

One of the reasons why the enemies of home comfort look for homes with an easy in and out is because they see no security systems installed around the house. Thieves do nothing without thinking it carefully. In fact they are able to create well-made strategies before they decide to break in a house. So, also it would be good for you to think about strategies to chase away the enemy. If you haven’t considered installing a security alarm (which you should) you can put home security stickers which can be the first line of defense against potential burglars. Most popular security brands’ logos can be purchase online.

Clear your front yard

One of the common mistakes that people do without even imagining that they are actually helping the intruder with their break in is neglecting the aspect of their home exterior. If you’re leaving for a few weeks you might want to trim the bushes and lawn of your front yard a day before so they won’t suspect that the house has been uninhabited for a while. Also, clear out any growth that may offer hiding places for thieves.

Don’t post it on social networks. As much as you want to

Believe it or not but, you might be caught off guard when realizing that housebreakers can turn to be one of your neighbors or who you thought was your trusted friend. We highly suggest you not to post on social networks pictures of your summer vacation because they can become an incredible threat for your security and an open door for them.

Leave your lights on

But keep it cool, you don’t want people around to take it the other way around with your obsession to alert that you are in town. It is recommended to leave your front door light always on and one inside your house to let others know that the house is inhabited.

Last but not least….Ask a family member to make spontaneous visits to your home

One of the best strategies is to pretend that there is always someone in the house. So we suggest you to ask a family member to visit your place and even let them into your home to check that there is no damage and so the enemy will see that your house is not a possible target.

There you have it fellows! Hope these strategies can help you bring peace of mind while you enjoy your getaway with your family or friends! This was conveyed to you by Nice Guy Movers.