Protecting Walls and Furniture During your Next Move

Are you eager to move into your new house? Hows the planning coming along? Bet you have it all laid out in the back of your mind. Maybe you have already hired professionals to help you paint the new home that you have not moved into yet. Before you set out, though, there are a number of things that you need to know. Moving is a complicated process that needs lots of planning to execute well. Proper planning helps avoid damages and losses as you set up the new place.

As you move those heavy things that you own, you have to be careful not to damage your walls. Furniture is very heavy and could easily rub on to your freshly painted walls causing damage. Being careless during the moving process can cause damage to your walls and scratch or even destroy your furniture.

To avoid such issues you have to take certain precautions. Here are a few of them.

The first thing you need to do is look into what your movers are wearing when they move around your house. Remember the walls are delicate, anything could happen. Attires with large zips or studs, rings or loose chains should be avoided. They can scratch your walls. Therefore, everyone should wear proper attire as they move objects around.

Wrap all objects, small or large, to avoid rubbing as they are moved. If you have to stack them, do it carefully so that they don’t fall or rub against walls. Take measurements to doorways and halls to ensure furniture can pass through spaces.

Have you considered using drop-cloths? If not, then its high time you do so. They will help you cover walls and prevent any contact coming to them. Get padding for corners to prevent markings when moving furniture along walls. Look into options like bubble wraps or cardboards to protect walls in narrow or small rooms. Brown paper grocery bags could also work for you. Plus, they are cheap.

Make sure your movers take plenty of time moving heavy objects. This is so because most of these objects will most likely scratch your walls. Also, give a lot of attention to fragile furniture. Dismantling furniture like beds could also work to your advantage. It makes work easier and reduces the risk of damage to your walls.

Finally, always hire moving professionals. After you have applied all the above tricks, it is important to always remember to engage a reliable team to handle it all. They come with experience, good knowledge, skill and tools to handle all these activities.

It is important to take the above measures to protect your walls and furniture from damage. Plan your way through this process first and you will be guaranteed good results.