Raking Leaves

Two Sure Ways of Raking Leaves in the Fall

When the fall season comes rolling around the corner, it’s truly a calming sight when we are faced with golden afternoons and equally golden tree leaves. The smells, the sounds and the melancholy of summer coming to an end hold a certain poetic feel a lot of people enjoy. However, we are also faced with numerous tasks that involve the natural process of trees losing their leaves, which just so happen to get stuck in the gutters and pile up in our front and backyards. And so we are left with the ever so boring job of Raking Leaves, among other autumn chores.

But never worry; when it comes to completing the extremely dull task of Raking Leaves, we have your back. Today we will show you two proven ways of Raking Leaves that will make this chore seem hassle free and fun to do. Try both of them out, and see which one works better for you!

1.-Using a large plastic sheet method

Determine the destination area where the leaves will go after collection, whether it’s in a bag on a curb, back into the garden as mulch, or in a backyard compost pile. Decide how much time you can spend raking each day or get help and divide up the task.

Now, the most important part is to get a rake and a big plastic sheet around 6 feet square. A large sheet of burlap or an old drop cloth or other sturdy fabric will also work. Rake leaves straight back and move with the rake as you walk toward the back.

Plastic and Dustpan: Get ‘em when Raking Leaves

Remember to lay the plastic sheet on the ground near the raking area. Pull the leaves over to the plastic sheet with the help of the rake. When the leaves cover the whole sheet, take one corner of the sheet and join it with the corner diagonally across from it. Repeat with the other diagonal. Carry the leaves to the destination area or dump them into bags.

To make things easier for you, use a large dustpan .This way, you’ll make smaller trips to wherever you’re collecting the leaves, and each trip will be easier on your back.

2.-The no-actual-raking method

For this, you can use any kind of power mower. Keep shredding the grass or leaves until the pieces are so small they almost disappear into the grass. Use the mower regularly when you notice the leaves are starting to fall, so the buildup never gets too thick. For better results, let the leaves dry. This way they’ll almost shatter when the mower blades hit them. If they’re wet, you should let a couple of days pass until they are dry. Once they are shredded you can use them as natural compost for your lawn.

There you have them! We hope these methods will have you better prepared the next time you are tasked with Raking Leaves. Share this with family and friends, and contact us for your moving and storage needs. Take care!