Move Safely – Professional Lifting Techniques for Your Next Relocation

"office relocation"Leave those heavy objects for the pros. They got your back with years of training and hundreds of completed moves. You will get to settle in your place with everything safe and sound including your health. Either that or learn some of the professional lifting techniques that will save you from a backache.

First, work it all out in your mind

We can never underscore that enough. Just like in everything, you cannot just rush into lifting. Plan and plan again. That is what a professional would do. You can start by arranging all your equipment in the order of size and difficulty. Consider the distance to the truck, and then decide on the most efficient formula of approach.

Time for some yoga

Not in the literal sense, but some stretching can help a lot here. It is like when you hit the gym- before you start blasting the calories, you need a little warm up. Otherwise, your bones might get cranky and snap, or you might get lucky with only a muscle strain.

Know your weights

Don’t go blindly lifting what you don’t know. When moving, it’s important to remember which box contains what so you can spare special attention for the extra heavy items. Professionals work with a notebook, jotting down what is in which box.

Stand feet wide apart

That is the power stance. It is how professional movers manage to lift heavy items and not complain of aching afterward. When you stand with your feet shoulder width apart, you get to evenly distributed weight from your back to your legs.

Engage your knees, not your waist

Back injury is a life sentence to untreatable pain and agony. You don’t want to experience that. A professional mover always ensures that they bend at the knees to get the pressure off their backs. Bending at the waist will put loads of pressure on your lower back-which is detrimental. The rule of thumb is: keep your back straight, flex at the knees, throw your shoulder back and focus ahead.

Don’t forget to breath

Put it down and rest if you have to. Professional movers minimize the risk of accidents and injuries by moving slowly and breathing slowly deeply. Remember that when doing a strenuous exercise your body uses a lot of oxygen for fuel. You need to breathe for more energy.

Save your health, not time

Time is an important factor but not in this case. Be slow and steady. It is the only way you can safely lift heavy objects without risking injury. Take time to plan, take time to stretch, to assume the right stance and to move slowly when lifting. Moving can be a tedious process. Lifting the improper way can cause you endless health nightmares. Use the above professional lifting techniques or hire an expert to assist.