Tasks That Should Be Done During Moving Day

Moving day is stressful. Once the movers leave your boxes thrown all over the home, shutterstock_285315371where do you begin? Before the movers leave, there are some things you should already have taken care of. These are a few tasks you need to make sure are done on moving day, so that you and your family can enjoy your new home together once the day’s stresses have dissipated.

Check and Double-Check for Forgotten Items

Once your items have been taken out and loaded on the moving truck, do a final walkthrough of your house or apartment to make sure nothing has been left behind. Visit every room and check all the closets, cabinets, and shelves, go through the garage, the attic, and the basement, look in the crawl space, under the stairs, on the walls and in any other place where something may be hiding. If you’re leaving any furniture behind, make sure all the drawers are empty.

Tend to Your Pets

You’re stressed, but so are your pets. Especially if they’re older, the move might be difficult for them as well. Make sure you get their food bowl and water set up in a corner of the home they like. Get their bed ready and make sure they’re okay. You love your pets and want them to be comfortable. Make sure you tend to them and let them know you’re thinking about their needs during this process.

Make Sure Boxes are Where they Should Be

If boxes labeled kitchen is sitting in your bathroom, this isn’t going to work. Although you might not start unpacking the first day, make sure the boxes are in their appropriate rooms. This will make things so much easier on you the next morning when you’re ready to start unpacking with a clear head. Even if everything stays boxed overnight, put boxes in the appropriate room so you’re ready to go when the time to unpack arrives.

Get the Essentials Ready

You might not unpack everything your first night, but you’ll need certain items. So, unpack a few cups and plates as well as utensils. Make sure you have towels out so everyone can shower. And, speaking of showering, make sure you have soap, toothpaste/brushes, shampoo, and everything else you’ll need to shower and get ready for bed. Also, make sure you have the linens out for your bed, and that your kids have comfortable clothing for bedtime. The rest can wait until tomorrow morning!

Kick Back and Unwind

Sit back and watch a movie with the family. Order a pizza if you don’t want to cook.  Enjoy the new home, the move, and the memories you’re going to make in the new home.

You can’t get it all done in one day, especially if you have a large family and many belongings to unpack. However, there are a few things you can do on moving day. These are a few of the must-do items when you’re settling into your new home or apartment on day one.