The Nice Guy Guide for First-Time Painters

The idea of painting the house really comes to our head once in a while, we cannot lie. I mean let’s face it, it is something you must do, but instead you let it go until the day comes when the painting on your walls is peeling in front of your eyes and the eyes of your guests. How does it make you feel? A little embarrassed maybe? Or when you decide to move to a smaller house and your actual home has to get some little arrangements before you leave. Remember, painting can be a great way to refresh a room at a very low cost.

That is why we provide a short guide to all first-time painters so you can become an expert. We are not going to give you steps to become a professional oleo artist of course, but just the basics to get you out of trouble at the moment you decide to retouch your walls or give a refreshing look to any room.

Rule #1 on the nice guy guide


You must know there are different types of paint for different spaces:

Flat paint: use for walls in living rooms, bedrooms, ceilings, or furniture

Semi-gloss: use for windows, trim, doors, and cabinetry

Eggshell: use for walls in hallways, dining rooms, kitchens

Satin: use for walls in bathrooms, or furniture

So if you are attempting on painting your kids bedroom, or giving a new look to your old furniture you will have to buy a flat paint which the color is applied as local color, this means that no color ranges are used for volume or its complement.

The paint drips down, so anything that is below your painting space you are going to have to move it or cover it. Paint can also splash sideways when you move tools or paint too aggressively.

#3 prepare surfaces for painting:

Your space must be completely clean of dust, cobwebs, etc., and also completely dry. If there are areas where the paint is peeling, you will have to scrape the paint with a wire brush or scraping tool.

#4 tape (painter’s blue tape) the edges of areas you don’t want to paint:

It is almost impossible to avoid getting paint in the wrong place so you better tape windows and doorframes and remove the tape before the wall dries.

#5 which paint brushes you should use to repair detailed areas:

Buy the best brush you can afford and make sure it is the right one for the type of paint you are using. Latex brushes do not work well with oil paints or oil brushes work with water-based paints. The best option to repair small areas such as door knobs or hinges are the artist brushes, they are tiny and delicate for you to manage correctly without getting out of the space. Once you have the correct brush, you can focus on the area.

It’s painting time! Nice Guy Movers Orlando ensures that your moving day turns into something simple and exciting! We invite you to take a look at our different services for all your moving needs. You can contact us and find out what makes us so nice to work with!