Things To Do in Downtown Orlando for Newcomers

Orlando, Florida is a beautiful city with a wide range of attractions for people of all ages to os-orlando-eye-grand-opening-madame-tussaud-20150217enjoy. Downtown Orlando is always a favorite destination due to the many different activities available throughout the year. Here are a few of the most popular things to do if you plan on visiting downtown Orland in the near future.

Lake Eola Park

Lake Eola Park is a scenic area for taking a break and experiencing mother nature. This beautiful covers nearly twenty-three acres, as you can choose to rent a swan boat to paddle across the lake for a fantastic view of the skyscrapers in downtown Orlando. You can also check out an up-close view of the lake’s beautiful fountain that is illuminated with a variety of colors at night.

Cobb Plaza Cinema Cafe

Cobb Plaza Cinema Cafe is the perfect place to watch the latest movies while enjoying a plate of soft tacos or cheese pizza. The plush theatre is a great place to relax, as it includes twelve auditoriums with state of the art movie equipment.

Thornton Park

Thornton Park is home to a variety of designer boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, and bars. Nightly live music and top-class restaurants are only a few of the main attractions at this popular destination.

Orange County History Center

The Orange County History Center is an excellent way to explore the rich history of Orlando, Florida. The historic museum is located in a 1920’s building that was formerly a courthouse. You can check out a variety of exhibitions, such as space travel, aviation, fauna, Native American artifacts, and agriculture.

The Walt Disney Amphitheater

A trip to Orlando, Florida is never complete without mentioning The Walt Disney Amphitheater. This amazing venue is always a popular place for dance performances, festivals, and outdoor concerts. Lake Eola provides a scenic backdrop for this popular amphitheater, as it has enough space for over a thousand visitors. The Walt Disney Amphitheater is also one of the best locations to check out the fireworks on the 4th of July.

Downtown Orlando is home to numerous activities that are fun for the entire family. Whether you want to relax at Lake Eola Park or check out the Orange County Historic Center, downtown Orlando is one of the best places to be in the entire state of Florida.

Begin making plans today to fully experience the rich history and many fun activities in downtown Orlando, Florida!