5 Tips for De-Cluttering Your Kitchen



The process of de-cluttering your kitchen is actually not a difficult affair if you wish to have efficiency in the kitchen. Below are some easy ways you can renew your kitchen space and make the kitchen experience more worthwhile.

  1. Get Rid of the Unnecessary

This is the time to reclaim your kitchen by removing everything that is not kitchen related. You need to remember that your kitchen is not your bedroom or store hence the need to keep things where they ought to belong. Do not spare your junk drawer as it is one of the culprit locations that harbors the targeted items.

  1. Keep Clean Counters

Now that you have dealt with the space issue, the next important task is to keep your counters clean. You can do this by having a small bin that will harbor miscellaneous items. You may not entirely stop yourself from throwing keys on the counter after work, and that’s why a bin will work for you. Similarly, Lysol wipes or cleaning cloths will come in handy in maintaining counter cleanliness. A clean surface will prevent you from piling dirty items on it. You also need to remove any old item from the counter once you place a new one. Whether it is a decoration or tool, take away something from the counter.

  1. Organize Your Cabinets Systematically

It is indeed difficult to keep your cabinets as organized as they need to be. Avoid the ‘avalanche syndrome’ by organizing each cabinet and drawers using an efficient sorting technique. Since you understand your cooking style, arrange your cabinets accordingly.

  1. Clean and Keep Your Refrigerator 30% Empty

declutter kitchenThis strategy will help you see the contents of your refrigerator and give you a chance to reorganize it. Organize it by category while keeping three items at most for each section. It’s also important to occasionally clean your fridge by removing everything and replacing the old food stuff with fresh food.

  1. Carefully Sort Out Your Cutlery

Most cutlery drawers contain a mix of new, old, and old cutleries. Similarly, most people have favorite cutlery pieces that are used more often than others. You can make work easier for yourself by sorting your cutlery into most used and unused cutleries. With this, you would have saved yourself from ever using that bad spoon.

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