Top 5 Tips For Moving With Your Cats

raul-varzar-750436-unsplashMoving can be stressful for everyone involved, including your pet. If that pet happens to be a cat, then you have to be extra cautious not to stress her out. Cats are place-sensitive creatures who find it hard to let go of a place once they have settled in and become comfortable. If you want to make the move stress-free for your furry companion, follow these five tips:

1. Stay Calm

This is perhaps the number one rule when it comes to moving with cats. These creatures are smart and sensitive, meaning they can pick up on your emotions. If the move is stressing you out, it will also stress them out. So be calm and act normal at all times to assure your cat that everything is fine.

2. Use Remedies to Calm Her Down

Some cats are just extremely anxious by nature, and it can’t be helped. If your cat is one of them, speak to your veterinarian about getting some natural anti-anxiety remedies to help her stay calm during the move.

3. Use a Cage or Container for the Car

A cage or container will keep your cat safe during the move, but don’t just shove her into it on moving day and expect her to be fine. Allow the cat to get familiar with the cage or container days before the move by letting her play inside (you can leave treats in there to lure her in). Also, make sure the cage or container is comfortable (place a pillow) and has plenty of space for the cat to move around and stretch.

4. Keep Her in One Room

When you arrive at the new place, take it slow and place her in one room first. Keep her in there for a couple of days so she has time to adjust to her new surroundings (sites, smells and sounds) without getting overwhelmed. Make sure the room has a litter box as well as food and water to make it more comfortable. The added advantage of this is that is will keep her away from the excitement of unpacking and give you time to settle into the place as well.

5. Let the Cat Explore

After you have unpacked, it is time to let the cat loose on the house. But before you do that, make sure you have cat-proofed every space by removing all potential dangers that can threaten your cat’s safety (exposed electrical wires, poisonous plants and traps, escape holes and more). Make sure all windows and doors leading outside are closed as well.

A lot of cats are not big fans of change, and moving is a big change that can easily stress them out. As a pet owner, it is your job to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible so the cat settles into the new place and gets comfortable without any stress.