Tips on How to Organize Packing To Make Your Moving Easy

shutterstock_225492661 (1)Moving house can be a stressful business. Preparing for moving is time-consuming and expensive, it’s always a major operation. Time and money tend to be limited. However, when it comes to packing up your home ahead of a move, there are several things you can do to save time.

First of all, do not underestimate the size of the task. You need to have a plan and set aside enough time for the work. The first step is to decide what has value and what to dispose of, to avoid the shipping of things you no longer need.

Before you even pack the first box, have a thorough clear-out. You’ll need to decide whether you want to do the packing yourself or to pay someone else to do it. You save a lot of money by doing your packing, but hiring a professional, is always a better option.

Obvious though it sounds, have everything you need on hand before you make a start.

That includes, of course, not only packing boxes, but also labels, sticky tape, scissors and bubble wrap.

You may not have to buy cardboard boxes. You can borrow from friends, neighbors, family or your place of work. Or ask a local store. Start collecting them, maybe in twos or threes, in the days and weeks ahead of your move. Pack up one room at a time.

Labelling is important, and you can save money by printing out your labels from your home computer. Each box should be labelled with its contents, where it should go in the new home, and any special handling instructions. Put labels on the front and side of each box.

Pack boxes well without overloading. It is easily done, especially with heavy items such as books. Burst boxes and broken things are just a waste of time and money. Stack boxes appropriately so that those of a similar size are piled together. It makes loading that removal pick up is much more comfortable and quicker.

When packing furniture, keep all the components of a particular item together. Screws, bolts and other parts should go in a plastic bag taped to the piece of furniture.

For local moves, say within the same state or county, you may not even need to wrap  some of the larger items at all.

Carefully stacked mirrors, pictures and the like can travel perfectly well over short distances. For general wrapping of fragile, clothes and blankets can offer extra protection.

So while moving house can seem a big deal, and it is, following a few simple tips can make the whole business of packing everything up much quicker and cheaper, and therefore far less stressful.

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