Tips to Pull Off an Epic Yard Sale before Moving

For those who have been struggling with clutter on their daily living and are soon to move out, you will find this particular post helpful. If you have heard about the success that yard sales have, or have been lucky to participate in your neighbor’s yard sale then you are aware that it’s a great way to earn money while decluttering and organizing your moving process, however for those not familiar with this experience Nice Guy Movers Orlando is more than pleased to give you tips to pull off an epic yard sale before moving.  The idea is to start off with the right foot and plan a smooth move!

yard sale before moving

Chances are you’ve been accumulating items for several years without being aware of the huge amount of stuff that no longer have a use in your life and is sticking around for no reason, however you had not thought of how that would affect you once you are moved to another location. For people surrounding you it is hard to understand the consumption of time and effort that is put on moving to a new place… of course, unless they are or have been in the same boat. Moving to a new home, apart from being a stressful life event, it is also a charge of money within your month expenses. Fortunately you may cash it on by planning a yard sale before moving!

You can easily turn your yard sale into an epic event offered to your neighborhood or the whole town with these simple tips:

Advertise Wisely

Let’s say it is clear as a bell that if people are not informed of your yard sale, you will not sell anything. Fortunately there are ways (simple ways) to call out your yard sale effectively around town. The traditional and common techniques are the newspaper and signs around town….

 Holy Craigslist! – Don’t hesitate to rely on this magnificent platform to advertise your yard sale before moving.

Everyone can put up a nice sign with the title “Yard Sale” but if you want people get interested immediately in what you are offering you’ll have to promote to the max! Ask a friend to get creative with you and make original signs and advertisements to put up around town leading people to your house.

yard sale before moving

Make your Stuff Standout

As it is said – “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – but, what if that ‘treasure’ was displayed in a nicely way? Chances are more than one person would be interested in it and you could end up selling it at a higher price. So if you want to be the best yard seller then you better give a first great impression from local visitors.

Jump out of the conventional way to display your stuff which is placing your junk in tables, and give it a twist to it by placing items into categories (beauty products, décor, kitchen stuff, garden tools, shoes, clothes) as if there were entering to a personalized, vintage store, plus playing some music will help smooth the environment (it is proven that music makes buyers stay longer at a store).

Remember: Your sale display is key to attract the attention of many walkers that happen to run into your yard sale.

yard sale before moving

Price Items to Sell (Reasonably)

It is clear that you must establish a prudent price for each item, and why am I mentioning the word ‘prudent’? Because there is a reason why people assist to these yard sales, they are expecting to buy second-hand clothing and other used items at a low cost. If you want your stuff (junk) to be sold you’ll have to set prices according to the conditions of each item, unless something is brand new people will not be willing to pay more than a few dollars for a purchase.

 yard sale before moving

If you are about to move to a new home this type of events become a great way to say goodbye to your old stuff; yeah maybe some of you found quite difficult getting rid of items that have a significant meaning to you, however the upside of this can be the rewarding feeling from realizing that your old things still have a use for other people.

Once your stuff has sold it is time to pack and move the belongings you are taking with you, for it you can call Nice Guy Movers Orlando to help you out with your move!