How to Turn a Bleak Apartment Into Your Own Bohemian Refuge

10-jungalow-justina-blakeneyAre you the kind of person who doesn’t like fancy rules when it comes to decorating your apartment? Are you the artistic type that likes to explore and experiment with your house décor? Do you like mixing up all kinds of colors and patterns because it gives you an ultimate satisfaction? Do you want to turn your new bleak apartment into something warm and comfy while disregarding all the décor rules? Well, what you’re looking for is the unconventional Bohemian style.

With the Bohemian style, the more different all the elements are, the better. The key purpose of this style is to create a laid-back look that is not particularly very symmetrical or organized. Here are a few contemporary designs that will turn that cold and uninviting apartment into your own Bohemian refuge.

1.Mix and Match Different Patterns and Fabrics

Mix and match are two words that describe the Bohemian lifestyle. When you mix and match varying patterns and fabrics, the result is a cozy, relaxed, and very stylish apartment. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and fabrics that aren’t what you would consider perfect combinations. This is what the Bohemian style is all about.

Some ideal choices to consider include Floral patterns, silk and imitational silk, faux furs, embroidered sheer fabrics, hand-woven rugs, etc. To create an even more interesting look, install unique wall prints that don’t go together.

2.Use All Types of Colors

There are no color restrictions when it comes to the Bohemian style. You can mix up black, red, blue, yellow and red and still turn your apartment into the perfect Bohemian refuge. The good thing about this style is that it blends in perfectly, no matter the color used. So don’t be afraid to use colors that aren’t even remotely classic combinations.

Even better, go with deep, vibrant colors like Burgundy, Chocolate brown, sunshine yellow, electric blue, and others.

3.Get Creative with the Lighting

The Bohemian lighting is all about warmth, coziness, relaxation, and invitation. Because it’s quite a welcoming style, you need lighting that will give the room a warm, comfortable feel. Open the windows to let in natural light and some warmth.

You can also get a little bit more creative by installing artificial lighting like paper lanterns, Christmas lights, antique lamps with patterned shades, and colored light bulbs.

4.Mix up Décor Genres

One of the things that make the Bohemian style fun and interesting is the fact that you can mix up everything from every décor genre and the room will still come out great. You can give your apartment a clean, versatile aesthetic look with the Scandavian décor or set a rustic coffee table that depicts the Industrial décor. There is absolutely no limit to what you can do with the Bohemian design.

5.Get creative with the bedroom

Your bedroom is supposed to be serene and tranquil, and you can easily achieve this by incorporating a few Bohemian style tricks. Use lots of colorful pillows to give the bedroom a relaxing and inviting look. Have a rustic headboard, a bedcover with a rainbow of colors or a rug with bold patterns to complement your decorative pillows.
Wrapping It Up

The whole idea of going the Bohemian way is to have a décor that defines you, not what other people think or want. So go crazy and turn that bleak apartment into your own Bohemian refuge with these amazing tips!