What’s best, moving during the week, or the weekend?

filled with lots of things to consider and decisions to make. One of the major decisions that you have to make in this process is whether to move during the week or weekend. While some individuals swear by the convenience of a weekend move, others will say that a weekday one provides them with the best bang for their buck. So what’s best, moving during the week, or the weekend? However, one cannot tell this without first considering all the relevant factors. For you to know which option is ideal for your family, you need to first understand the pros and cons of the two moving times of the week.

Moving during the weekday

A weekday move may offer you some benefits provided you will be able to take some time off work.

Advantages of Moving on a Weekday

1. Lower costs- You will find better moving rates during the week since you will be moving when moving companies are less busy.
2. Less stressful if you have children- a weekday move will give you more freedom and flexibility to move things since your kids will be at school.3. Quicker access to utilities- If you arrive at your new home and realize that you home electricity or gas is not working, you will have an easier time contacting the utility company during the weekdays.

Disadvantages of Moving on a Weekday

1. You will miss work- Depending on the distance you are moving, you will miss at least a day of work.2. Loss of school time- It will potentially disrupt your kid’s school schedule unless you are moving in the summertime.
3. Limited assistance- While you may have a removals company to help you, you will miss additionally help from friends and family.
Moving during the weekend

A weekend move Weekend is the most common-sense moving choice thanks to it’s convenience.

Advantages of Moving on a Weekend

1. You won’t miss work- Moving during the weekend minimizes the amount of time that you will be away from the office.
2. No loss of school time- If you have children, they also won’t miss a day at school. In addition it will allow them to start school at the beginning of a new week if they will be attending a new school.3. Less traffic- depending on the route you will use for transportation, you may not encounter the weekday’s normal rush hour traffic.

Disadvantages of Moving on a Weekend

1. Costly- Most moving companies tend to be very busy on the weekends meaning that you may expect to pay much higher.
2. Less time to unpack- A weekend move leaves you with less time for unpacking since you have to get back to work.

It is often very hard determining which is the best time of the week to move since it largely depends on your personal circumstances. As you have seen, all the different days of the week comes with their benefits and also challenges. This is why it is advisable to first consider all the factors involved in your home move so that you are more able to choose an option that best fits your needs and budget. Regardless of the day of the week that you find fit for you, ensure that you find a trustworthy moving company that you will be able to work well with.