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10 Cool Facts You Did Not Know About Beautiful Orlando

Most people know about Orlando, Florida because it is the home of Disney. Past that, most have no clue about the people, the history or the future of this incredibly cool city. Therefore, the following will shine the light on … Continue reading

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How to Move a Bed During Your Next Relocation – Best Practices

Your bed is among the largest pieces of furniture you have to deal with during the moving process. It is also among the heaviest, which means you need to be extra careful with it to prevent damage. The fact that … Continue reading

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How to Avoid Moving Day Theft

It’s painfully clear—burglars don’t play by any rule. Worse is when they’re disguised as movers; they’ll rob you and, to inflame the wound, be able to walk away scot free. It’s a common advice among movers to always name what’s … Continue reading

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