What documents should be updated after moving?

A move implies a lot of organization in every sense, not only in relation to the belongings but also regarding your documentation since they must be renewed beforehand and safely, even more so if the move is national or international since in many cases there are bureaucratic complications that are tedious to solve.

Evidently, without the updated documentation, it is impossible to carry out different types of mandatory procedures, such as bank, tax payments, and residency, among others. However, many people do not know which are the most necessary to update when arriving at a new location.

What documents must be updated after a move?

The management of paperwork is as important as the packing of household goods. In fact, it is essential to carry out certain operations that are fundamental for your development in the new place. So, the most common ones to renew are:

  1. Registration: no matter what type of move it is, national, local or international, it is necessary to update your residency, since in many bureaucratic aspects it is required to do certain activities, such as looking for a job. Therefore, we recommend requesting an appointment to visit the appropriate institution and renew your place of residence. This is fundamental to do, especially for the receipts of basic services, and banks, among others.

  2. Change of DNI: this is only valid for those people who move to another country since it has to be part of the policy of the place where you are, even more, if you want to work for a long time in that country.

  3. Social Security: a change of residence and an updated ID card are required, in order to obtain this. Appointments can be made at a nearby health center or referral hospital.

  4. Banks and taxes: you must let your bank know about your change of residence, so they can update your address and any other necessary information. On the other hand, as it is well known, the payment of taxes is a priority, so it is necessary to go to the competent institution to learn about the payment process and update data and documents.

  5. Basic services: if the property is rented, it is not necessary to worry about registering the new data, but if you
    purchased the property, then it is essential to go to the company in charge of the change of residence and any type of data update.

  6. Driver’s license: for international moves, you need to do some research regarding the requirements for getting a valid driver’s license in your new country of residence.

All the changes in documentation will depend on the type of move, whether it is national or international. For a move within your country, it is not necessary to carry out several renewals, whereas in the case of an international move, it is, therefore, advisable to do enough research in order to determine which ones are really necessary.

This is a really important step in the whole moving process, leaving it aside could have unfavorable consequences.