How to choose the perfect color for your new home after moving?

One of the tools that facilitate the creation of a good perception of your new home after moving in is knowing and applying color theory in the interior design of this new place. Believe it or not, colors, along with ornaments, are the ones who give that special touch to the walls of a property, where it also helps to focus on a unique style that can represent the tastes of those interested in redesigning the interior of their home.

Colors are essential to find a definition of what you want, considering that there are endless combinations, color schemes, etc. that will allow you to achieve any type of sensation, whether it is surface, luminosity, depth, among others.

But, how can you choose the right color?

Of course, you have to think first about the decorative needs you have, that is to say, if there is a particular style or interior design trend that you want to implement in your new home. Secondly, you have to identify what will be the main feature of each hall, space or room. For instance, for the master bedroom people usually want tranquility, an area where they can rest, but if it is the living/dining room, the space has to be more cozy.


  • Cold colors: blue, purple, some shades of green, white, gray, pink can add depth if you know how to combine them, since they are usually quite dark colors. They reflect winter.

  • Warm colors: are those with earth tones, representing a sunset, i.e. reds, yellows, oranges, among others. They can provide a sense of amplitude.

  • White: is a base color. Actually used for many necessary things in the home. This, when combined with a color either cold or warm, could bring brightness and spaciousness.

  • Black: it is the one that provides depth. In a decorative context it could fit more to modern and rustic styles.

What color scheme could be used?

Both the combination of colors plus textiles and ornaments can turn an overwhelming room into a cozy room with a trendy decorative level. It’s just a matter of getting the strategy to achieve it. For example:

If you want to get a quiet room that gives a sense of tranquility, you must necessarily look for white as the protagonist of it, that is, it has to be the base color to any design you want to do on the wall. Then, it can be combined with some pastel colors such as purple, beige, light terracotta, among others that provide that tranquility that is so desired.

However, if the taste is stronger, of course you have to implement cold colors. And, the fact that they are darker colors does not mean that they cannot provide good sensations.

Top colors for your new home

  • White, yellow, light orange, light brown, reddish: ideal for kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and master bedrooms.
  • Fuchsia, purples, greens, blues: ideal for children’s bedrooms.
  • Gray and black: ideal for certain spaces in the home. For example, a column.