How to choose a good storage unit?

The companies that offer a special service to store belongings that cannot be kept at home due to lack of space are the best in the market. They are a reliable option to avoid panicking during the moving process when you realize that you have some things to store and you don’t know where to put them. In fact, they are designed precisely to protect your belongings at all costs.

However, not all of them offer an optimal service that can give good results in the short, long or medium term. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account several criteria in order not to make mistakes and get screwed by a company that does not offer a good service.

But, what is a storage unit?

It is a facility where you can store any type of objects, belongings from a move, among others. Its main objective is to provide protection and security to every object inside the unit.

It is an establishment that has different types of conditions that fit the needs of the products to be stored.

How to identify the right one?

  1. Each company has policies, terms and conditions that must be complied with. These must be enforced and demonstrable, otherwise it would be an indication of poor organization of the establishment.

  2. All of them must present an insurance that protects and takes care of your belongings. Whether from fire, pests, humidity or any other damage that may happen to the items in the establishment.

  3. The company cannot leave aside the signing of a contract, since it is part of the consensual agreement of both parties. There, the clauses and conditions of the storage unit must be established, and of course, it must be guided and regulated by the state laws related to the subject.

  4. Trained workers: no company can exist if it does not have a trained staff that can solve any kind of problem. That is to say, they must be aware of many aspects that other people are not. The goal is that they can control the problems that may arise at any given time.

  5. Facility conditions: A storage warehouse must comply with the legal requirements to provide this service. Likewise, the entire facility must have the necessary functionalities, such as space, materials, humidity and temperature control, availability of materials, secure lockers, among other aspects.

Other recommendations

You should not look for a storage warehouse at the last minute, since you will not be able to analyze, investigate or observe the storage facilities.

Before putting things in the storage warehouse, you should make an inventory to determine how many and what items you want to store in it. It is obvious that one of the company’s tasks is to carry out the inventory, but you can do one for yourself.

Always be attentive to the details of the contract, read the clauses very well to avoid falling into traps.