How to pack lamps properly when moving

A lamp is the perfect addition to a home. When there isn’t much overhead light, they can bring an extra sparkle to a room that needs more brightness, plus they can make a statement of style. That’s why it’s normal to take them with you when you’re moving out. But it’s not as simple as you may think. You’ll have to disassemble the lamp and pack everything carefully so that it arrives safely at your new residence.

Professionals advise the following instructions for proper lamp packing. And we share them with you so that you won’t have any inconvenience with this task in your next move.

Disassemble the lamp

First things first: completely disassemble the lamp. Given the general fragility of most items, lamps can be a very difficult object to transport. Therefore, the most important thing to keep in mind when moving a floor or table lamp is to completely dismantle it.

Disassemble the lamp stand by removing the screws, bulb and shade. Keep everything together. Experts advise wrapping the cord around the base and tucking it inside. They also suggest wrapping it with Velcro or a zipper tie to prevent it from getting loose.

Take note of every little detail

Make sure to store all the components of the lamp in the same place. A Ziploc bag can hold the hardware and all the screws. Verify that it is packed with the shade if you intend to keep the same bulb in your lamp. It will be easier to reassemble it when you get to your new home if everything is in the same place.

Choose the right boxes

If you don’t have the original packaging, that’s okay; no one ever does. Although that would be the ideal option for moving your lighting, plastic boxes are the best thing to use.

To properly store other items “on top” of the light, we advise you to pack the lamp in a plastic bag rather than in a cardboard box. The lamp shade can be transported in a separate bag to avoid damage; if you want to protect it from dust and dirt, you can put it in a clean garbage bag.

Cardboard boxes are a good option if you don’t have bags. It is much better to use two boxes: one for the lamp and one for the lampshade. However, you probably don’t know for sure the size of the boxes you need to get, in that case, we recommend that you measure all the lamps beforehand and buy boxes from the moving company that will fit the taller lamps.

Pack the lamps

Protect your lamps by wrapping them. With bubble wrap, moving blankets, towels or even pieces of fabric. You can tightly cover the base of the lamp. To prevent stains from appearing on the shade, wrap it in plastic or plain paper with clean, dry hands. Be sure to wrap it tightly. Next, put the lampshade and lamp base in boxes.

In all cases, it is advisable to pack the items with styrofoam peanuts or other cushioning material to prevent breakage. To prevent a fabric shade from wrinkling, it is a good idea to stuff the inside of the shade with a slightly sturdier material, such as a blanket or paper.

Identify boxes

Make sure the boxes are identified as “fragile”. You don’t want a moving disaster to ruin all your careful packing efforts. Also, make sure to mark which side should go up to prevent any damage to light bulbs or lampshades.

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