Can you simplify a move? How can you do it?

There are different ways to ensure that moving to a new home does not become a tedious, stressful and anxiety-filled activity, but rather the opposite. It is important to remember that making this type of change is always a way to flourish and generate good things in your new path. But, to achieve this, the moving process cannot be disorganized and unplanned.

When it comes to relocating, many aspects must be considered in order for it to be successful, including how to simplify it and make it easier to carry out. Of course, in order to do so, it is necessary to follow different steps of organization, getting rid of unnecessary items, among other things.

How to start simplifying a move?

First of all, we must think that moving is a synonym of change, of metamorphosis, therefore, it is necessary to get rid of several elements that will not be useful in the future. Although emotional attachment is a stumbling block for many, you must find a tool that can help you channel and solve this inconvenience.

Therefore you have to start:

  1. Getting rid of objects that are no longer useful, besides being a therapeutic way to achieve self-renewal, it also helps to simplify the move, by reducing the amount of belongings. You don’t necessarily have to throw them away, you can also, and as a better option, donate, sell or give them as a gift to those closest to you. The key lies in minimizing the belongings and giving priority to those that are really useful.

  2. To determine what can be donated, sold or given away, according to the particular station of the property. For instance, if you start by packing the living room, then, it is the precise moment to determine what is or is not essential. The same happens with the other spaces in the house. The main idea is to do it in an organized way to fully understand what you want to do.

  3. When packing, the belongings must be strategically analyzed, that this means that you cannot look for boxes that are too big for medium-sized objects, or too small. That is why it is recommended to check the size and material of the belongings you have, since no box can be left with empty spaces because it is very likely that what is inside will be damaged by collisions between them.

  4. Getting the essential and appropriate tools will make the move much better and simpler. Remember, time is the key element for an effective and successful move, so if taking care of your belongings is a priority, then you need to get the right tools, such as boxes of the right size, adhesive tape, bubble wrap bags, plastic bags, scissors, among others.

  5. Do not forget to take breaks at the right time and at the perfect moment. It is necessary to let your body and brain rest in order to get things done correctly.