What makes a move expensive or affordable?

The budget is one of the biggest concerns when moving, even more so when the move is a domestic or international one. In fact, people always want to economize and save as much as possible in order to reduce moving expenses, since there are additional daily costs beyond moving, such as food, transportation, rent, among others, and, in general, people have only one monthly income.

Therefore, the best option is to be aware of the aspects that make a move either affordable or expensive.

So, what makes a move expensive or cheap?


Moving internationally is not the same as moving locally, since the distance involved is quite long when moving internationally, not to mention the bureaucratic process involved.

Type of route

It is necessary to determine and know the type of route, whether by road, air, or sea, as each one has a different cost depending on the distance of the trip. Therefore, the cost by land is much more affordable than by air or sea.

Hiring a moving company

It is obvious that hiring a moving company would add abruptly to the cost of the move, however, a company that provides this service offers many important things that you would not have if you move by yourself, such as good packing materials, insurance for your belongings, guaranteed transportation, among others.

Amount of belongings

If you hire a moving company, you must know that the price is determined according to the amount of belongings you are going to move. In many cases, more than two trucks have to be used to carry all the household goods, and it is obvious that the price increases due to this circumstance.

Weight and size of the items

When hiring a moving company, the weight, and size of the items matter, especially because not all vehicles are suitable for transporting all types of objects. In fact, each one has its own specifications and limits, so if there are very heavy or very large items, the cost will increase. Adding to this the staff’s work to load such belongings.

Timing of the move

Believe it or not, the season of the year has a great influence on the cost of the move. Each one of them has its own complexities, so this is another aspect that must be taken into account. The price may increase at times of the year when there is more traffic, for example, in summer, especially if you are located in a very touristic city.

A move should be carried out in a balanced way. We recommend that you hire a moving company, but with certain important limits in mind. In fact, many of the companies offer savings plans or do their best to adapt to their clients’ budgets, with certain limitations, of course.

The main idea is to pay for the priority items and set aside those that are not considered necessary.