Tips on how to decorate the balcony of your new home

Any space in the home needs to be decorated, in fact, none of them can be left aside because the goal of interior design is to harmonize and balance the whole house through your personal style. Therefore, everything from the rooms to the terrace and balcony must be properly decorated.

Many people forget to decorate the balcony, which is fundamental and is the best place to share with family and friends.

But how to start decorating a balcony?

Decoration and interior design will depend a lot on the tastes of the person and what he/she wants to do with the space. However, there are certain basic recommendations that can be taken into account, such as:

Measure the space

It is necessary to analyze the place very well to know what you have and what you don’t have. You should measure the length, width and square footage to determine what furniture can fit on the balcony. Measuring the space is a form of planning that cannot be left out.

Choose a style

Before starting to decorate, you should look for references of the style you want to implement on the balcony, such as classic, vintage, industrial, organic, among others. These can be combined and customized, the point is to find a reference to guide you on what you want.

Find good lighting

The balcony is usually a fairly open space, therefore it will have great natural lighting, but we recommend installing some artificial lights that provide good illumination at night, since the balcony is perfect for sharing late nights.


It is a good idea to create a space where it is easy to lie down or at least sit down. Therefore, we recommend choosing the right size furniture, that is, furniture that does not take up too much space to place other ornaments, but that is comfortable enough to sit and spend time together.


Do not forget to add plants, even if the style you choose does not give priority to plants. They are living beings that bring many benefits, besides that aesthetically they are incredible to decorate any place. It is not necessary to have a garden, even more if the space is reduced, but you can add a couple of plants to the decoration.


The colorimetry will depend on the style chosen, however, it is important to know that pastel colors combined with white are an excellent option to illuminate and amplify the spaces, especially balconies which are usually narrow.

Additional decorations

Interior design presents a world of diversity and creativity. So it is always recommended to go beyond certain limits that can contribute to the creation of a nice and comfortable space.

Balconies are undoubtedly a space in the home that can become a very cozy place where you can read, have a cup of tea or coffee in company or simply a place to rest.