Tips to Pull Off an Epic Yard Sale before Moving

For those who have been struggling with clutter on their daily living and are soon to move out, you will find this particular post helpful. If you have heard about the success that yard sales have, or have been lucky to participate in your neighbor’s yard sale then you are aware that it’s a great way to earn money while decluttering and organizing your moving process, however for those not familiar with this experience Nice Guy Movers Orlando is more than pleased to give you tips to pull off an epic yard sale before moving.  The idea is to start off with the right foot and plan a smooth move!

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What Nobody Told You about Moving to a New Neighborhood

By Issa Lopez

Correct me if I’m wrong when I say that one of the most challenging situations about moving to a new neighborhood is finding a sense of belonging with the community and the places surrounding you. As a matter of fact, it is very discouraging to settle in a place where you did not expect to come across with uncomfortable situations on a daily basis, or having constant problems with a troublesome neighbor. Ugh!

Here Nice Guy Movers Orlando are pleased to present you 3 types of neighbors you might be expecting to meet when moving to a new neighborhood, whether is across town or across the country. (These are not always guaranteed, but consider yourself warned)

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Conditions To Be Set Before Moving in with a Friend

Golden Rules Before Moving in with a Friend

Moving in. Easy thing to say. Even more when you decide to live with a friend. What can happen, right? As far as you know, moving in with a friend can bring many benefits and it seems like a non-stop party; not only the chance to share the rent payments among you, but also enjoy your company 24/7. Well, along with the freedom you’re about to experience, come responsibilities that you must take into consideration if you want to keep a lasting friendship. Chances are you have this strong, solid relationship which is why there was no hesitation to live together.

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4 Pitfalls with Office Relocation

"office relocation" office relocation 4 Pitfalls with Office Relocation shutterstock 297114617 1

Even if it’s two blocks away or nearly leaving town, the office relocation can be a lot more complicated than moving out of home. So take into consideration that you might be facing with a stressful process with the logistics of your move if you don’t plan ahead and manage the inevitable changes your company’s about to encounter. However, don’t lose your positive attitude. In fact, this post will highlight some of the issues and problems presented during office relocation as a way to see the upside of the situation and seek for solutions. Here we go!

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Protect Home From Intruders While on Summer Vacation

Protect Home From Intruders While on Summer Vacation Protect Home From Intruders While on Summer Vacation shutterstock 291817610 1

It is very common that when you are about to leave home for summer vacation you get a little worried by the threat of a home break-in; unfortunately here and everywhere criminals are always on the lookout for the next easy target and this season becomes a reason to take advantage while you’re not around. So while you are already making plans to take a short break, go camping, visit relatives or travel to some relaxing place, thieves are also making plans to snoop around your belongings.  And there can be more to deal with than just replacing the stolen items, in fact we know this is a situation that can affect your comfort and according to some US studies it can take an average of four months to recover from the stress of a break-in.

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