Budgeting for Your Next Move What You Need to Know

It might seem like a short list of things you’ll have to do. Hire movers, pack, pay for shutterstock_794678257airfare/fuel, and head out. But, this isn’t the case. Whether you’re moving across your state, or clear across the country, when it comes to relocation, you’ll need to make a list of things to consider, to ensure you’re budgeting for the move.
Your Relocation Budget List

What exactly do you have to consider when it comes to …

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Keep Your New Home Clean After Your Relocation

Screenshot_5Moving is a lot of work. Once you finally get all those boxes unpacked, relief is tangled with pride and… intimidation. Everything is put away. No clutter. You have worked so hard and you deserve this peace. How will you keep your well-earned order? Here are a few tips to keep it clean.

1. Every other tip depends on this one:

Make it easy. The best laid plans have no chance against clutter creep if the plan isn’t easy. Clutter …

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Winter Moving – Some Things to Consider

Regardless of the time of year, moving is always a little stressful. However, when you move Screenshot_4in the winter months, there are additional considerations. If you’re going to be relocating during colder times, make sure that you keep these considerations in mind.

Keep Up with Snow Removal

If you’re going to be moving, you want the area around your house to be free of snow and ice. If you’re not removing the snow on a regular basis, …

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5 Tips for the Best Housewarming Party Possible

Screenshot_3It finally happened: you found the perfect home and you’re ready to show it off! You’ve unpacked all your boxes and arranged your home just right. Now, you’re ready to celebrate. What better way than to throw a housewarming party? Here are some tips to throw the perfect party:

Make a plan: Winging-it will not work. Work out important details ahead of time. On the day of the party you won’t have time to improvise. Do you …

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – What to expect from the WDW’s attractions?

It’s time for Star Wars fans to meet again. The difference is this time it won’t be at the Screenshot_1movie theater, but at the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This year, the new park created by Orlando’s WDW is going to open a couple of impressive rides based on the universally famous soap opera: Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run on August 29 and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance on December 5.

Even though the themed park was already opened on May 31 …

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Hiring an Architect for Home Renovations… What Should You Look For?

If you’re considering remodeling or renovating your home, you need to hire the right shutterstock_794678257people to assist you. When choosing an architect for home improvement projects, who do you hire? Is it enough to choose an architect with 20 plus years of experience? Or, should they simply have all licenses and insurance to perform the project you want to hire them for? Before you take the plunge and choose who you’ll hire for renovations, consider …

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Where to Donate Clothes in Orlando

kat-yukawa-K0E6E0a0R3A-unsplashDonating clothes can benefit both, you and the others. You by clearing out space in your wardrobe, others by giving them free clothing. Even though the poverty rate is diminishing each year all around the world, there are still a lot of people in need of basic supplies, one of them being clothes. If you are living in Orlando, here is a list of places where you can do the good deed and donate your clothes.


Goodwill Donation Xpress (500 …

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Tenants Laws in Orlando – A Few Facts You Need to Know

Leasing property in Orlando requires basic knowledge about the laws that cover rental properties and tenant-landlord relationships. Real estate lease contracts are governed by the Florida Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, which contains the rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants that enter these agreements. Read on to get started with the basic tenant laws in Orlando that you need to know.

Reasonable Conditions and Code …

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Clever ways to improve space efficiency in your kitchen

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing delicious meals, so it’s important that we shutterstock_794678257organize it efficiently. Each component must be carefully planned – from layout to cooking appliances. Here are a few handy tips to help you use every inch in your kitchen.

Use your walls

If you’re short of a workspace, it pays to make good use of the walls. Free up the cardboard by hooking everything that has a handle. Install a pegboard, rods, …

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Plants You Want in Your Orlando Backyard

We all are aware of Florida being called the “Sunshine” state and it’s definitely for a good reason. With it’s subtropical/tropical climate and an annual average of 230 days of sunshine, growing plants can sometimes be tricky. However, you can have a beautiful garden with the right plants that fit the climate with many of the options being native to the region.

In the Orlando area, you will typically find better soil than …

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