The Mobile Apps Can Help You During Your Next Move

two women operating smartphone photo – Free Electronics Image on UnsplashMoving is a stressful process for most people. Finding an apartment or home, comparing insurance policies, looking for movers, and packing, are a few of the many tasks on your to-do list. And, this list seems to continually grow as you get closer to moving day. You don’t have to do it on your own. There are several great apps to help you with the moving process, and finding the perfect place to live. Let’s highlight a few of them.

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Young Millennials Moving Across America – A Few Facts

Millennials are on the move. They represent the most mobile generation in America. We Millenialsdon’t mean they drive a lot and use smartphones (while that is also true); they are pulling up stakes and relocating. According to the United States Census Bureau, from 2007 to 2012, Millennials made up about 24% of the total population, but accounted for 43% of the movers.

Not only are a lot of Millennials moving, they’re moving frequently. A …

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DIY Housewarming Crafts for Your New Home

If a friend, co-worker or loved one has finally overcome the upheaval of moving home, it is definitely worth celebrating and encouraging them while they settle into their new place. A housewarming is a great way to get together help out and help someone enjoy their new home or rental a thoughtful housewarming gift helps them settle in and start the process of making memories.

What better way to share a considered present than by handcrafting …

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Do You Need an Interior Designer?

Remodeling your home doesn’t have to be as complicated as you’re making it. You can do aInterior-Designer DIY job and use tips from a magazine, or you can opt to hire a professional interior designer to help. What are the pros and cons of hiring an interior designer? And, if you ultimately do choose to hire one, what should you look for to ensure you hire the best person for the job? Let’s go through some of the most important factors you …

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Buying Real Estate in Orlando – Expert Tips

Buying-Real-EstateDon’t just consider the price, make sure you know the metrics of the property you plan on investing in. Some variables to consider are:

It’s ability to generate revenueHow much you can rent it out for to touristsHow quickly you can rent it during busy seasonsWhat the average rent is where the home/condo is locatedIf the home’s in a residential or tourist area (to determine if you’ll set up an airbnb or try to find a …

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2019 December Events You Cannot Miss in Downtown Florida

Downtown Orlando is filled with events all year round. It is a place of recreation, festivity, and celebration. Considering that we are coming into the last quarter of 2019, here are some of the main events happening in Downtown Orlando in December. For those of you in and around Florida at that time of the year, make sure you do not miss out on these fun-filled events.

Orlando Magic vs Golden State WarriorsDate: 1-12-19

What better way to kick …

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Facts About Relocation That You Did Not Know

Moving, again? Getting your boxes packed and choosing the right order to keep your shutterstock_579549058clothing in the suitcase to make items easier to hang up once you’re in your new home, are just a few of the many things on your mind. But, there are several interesting facts about moving, you’re probably not aware of. For example, the average number of times people move in their lifetimes, did you know it’s about 12 times? Apart from the fact …

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Master the KonMari Packing Method

Moving out can be as exciting as it is scary. Relocating to a new space can invite a lot of shutterstock_333212762new and positive energy that can really give you a great boost. However, before being able to move, a lot of packing needs to be done. And we all know how much of a hassle that can be. But recently, Marie Kondo, a groundbreaking organizer author has introduced her own methods to packing, known as the KonMari method. This method can be a fun and organized …

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Moving to Winter Park Florida – What You Need to Know

What can one expect when moving to a small town like Winterscrnli_10_2_2019_9-11-12 AM Park? Well that’s the question we have an answer to!

Formerly a winter resort for business magnates, Winter Park became a legitimate city with many parks, museums and art festivals. After all, it’s not for nothing that its motto is: “city of culture and heritage.” It’s located near Orlando, Florida, and has been named the best Suburb to live in the Orlando …

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Fun Activities in Downtown Orlando, FL.

But what are some fun, and exciting things to do in Orlando once you are there? Everyone shutterstock_426841417knows about Disneyland, and Orlando Studios. But what about the other activities downtown Orlando has to offer? Here is a list of some of the most fun, and interesting things you can do in downtown Orlando.

Street Art.

The downtown Orlando area has a ton of amazing sculptures, and art for visitors to enjoy and catch some great pictures of. You can visit the …

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