The Top Superstitions of Moving To A New Home

shutterstock_579549058  The Top Superstitions of Moving To A New Home shutterstock 579549058

Are you moving to a new home? Well, this one is just for you. But, before we go any

further, let me say: Cheers to new adventures!

Every culture has traditions that they follow when they are making big moves in life and for a move as big as this one, you must take a look at these superstitions that will brin luck and prosperity to your new home.

#1 Carry bread and salt

This tradition hails from the Jewish people. They see bread as a basic food that symbolizes a sustainable life. Salt, on the other hand, will never spoil and this symbolizes permanence ina new home. Another belief is that salt has the power to ward off evil spirits when sprinkled. So do not forget to bring your salt and your bread.

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A Movers Guide to Packing Electronics

Resultado de imagen de electronics Packing Electronics A Movers Guide to Packing Electronics Electronics

We have prepared a helpful guide that will help to make the process of packing electronics less stressful. Unless you are looking for an excuse to replace your electronics, this guideline is well worth your time.

Let’s jump straight into the steps involved when packing electronics:

1. Back Up All Your Electronic Files

To be on the safe side, it is advisable to back up your computer files on a portable hard drive or a cloud storage service. These files could be photos, videos, music and important documents. Backing up will save your data in case anything happens to your computer during packing and moving. For extra safety, back them up in two different locations.

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How to Care for Expensive Furniture When Moving

Resultado de imagen de packing expensive furniture Expensive Furniture How to Care for Expensive Furniture When Moving cost of packing1

Moving to a new home poses some serious challenges. There’s plenty of things to worry about, and one of the most pressing matters is moving expensive furniture. Whether you own antique furniture or more modern but equally as valuable pieces of furniture, you’ll want to do your best to keep them safe. We understand how important the safety of your belongings is, which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive list of things to do to ensure no luxury item gets damaged during a move.

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Professional Packers Guide: Inside Tips from the Pros

Profesional Packing Services Professional Packers Professional Packers Guide: Inside Tips from the Pros professional packing service

Did you know that your ability to make the right decision can either make your move smooth or turn it into an utter chaos? If you plan beforehand and make the right moves, you have a perfect recipe for a comfortable relocation from start to finish. Take the wrong decisions and you will experience first-hand why relocating is known as one of the life’s most stressful events.

There are so many decisions you will need to make during the process of moving your belongings from your old home to the new one. So, it’s time to get better with your decision-making skills before its too late. One of the most important and initial decisions you will probably take while moving your home is whether or not to hire professionals.

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How to Ensure You’re Insured on Moving Day

insurance-contract  How to Ensure You're Insured on Moving Day insurance contract

Moving insurance is a luxury that many homeowners think they can get by without. After all, you expect the moving company to cover any damage or lost property during the move: but how true is this? While it’s true that movers often incorporate some insurance to cover damages, they can’t be relied upon for coverage in the event of extensive damage or destruction of property. If you property does not weigh much but holds considerable value, you should consider purchasing insurance that is based more on cost than the quantity.

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