How to Choose a Storage Unit Facility in Orlando

Choosing a storage unit facility in Orlando may seem overwhelming especially if it is your shutterstock_333212762first time because there are several different types of storage units to choose from. However, the process is not as difficult as it seems as long as you understand the different types of storage units. If you need a little extra space in between a move or you are simply looking for storage space while you rebuild, a storage unit is a perfect choice. Here …

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How to Turn a Bleak Apartment Into Your Own Bohemian Refuge

10-jungalow-justina-blakeneyAre you the kind of person who doesn’t like fancy rules when it comes to decorating your apartment? Are you the artistic type that likes to explore and experiment with your house décor? Do you like mixing up all kinds of colors and patterns because it gives you an ultimate satisfaction? Do you want to turn your new bleak apartment into something warm and comfy while disregarding all the décor rules? Well, what you’re looking for is the …

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Tips for Decluttering, Moving and Packing While Selling Your Home

Over time, we tend to collect several items and belongings that may or may not hold value to our lives all the time. When it’s finally time to move, we are forced to make a tough decision, to declutter or not? When it comes to selling your house, you have to get your hands dirty to make a significant difference to your home’s appearance and ultimately the sale price of your home. Do not just leave all the hard work to your real estate agent, …

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4 Places You Can Sell Things You Don’t Want to Keep When Moving

Moving to a new home normally tends to be a lot of work and at times even expensive. One of the best ways to minimize both workload and expenditure when moving is to sell the things that you don’t want to keep. Things that no longer carry any monetary or sentimental value may most of the time be completely worthless and cost you more money just to move around. While not all the unwanted items will be sold and a few may be donated instead, …

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Moving Advice: Packing Fragile Items Like Glassware, Art and Heirlooms

When moving, the most stressful items to pack and transport are the fragile and valuable ones. These items come with significant sentimental and value. Some of them are even simply irreplaceable. Using our experience as moving professionals we have prepared this blog to help you pack fragile items on your next move.

Take your time

When it comes to packing valuable items you can never be too careful. You should take your time to wrap every item …

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When And How To Schedule A Moving Company

Resultado de imagen de schedulingOrganizing a move can be stressful. There are a number of things that you need to think about. Planning and preparing for your move in advance can help make moving day a little more pleasant. The best way to facilitate a move is to engage the services of a moving company. So, when should you book a moving company?

You should book a moving company as soon as you can, and doing so as soon as possible has a number of benefits.

#1. You’ll have …

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5 Reasons Summer is the Best Season to Move

Summer is a high season that suits so many activities, and besides all the fun and traveling, it is also the best time to move out in case you are thinking about moving to a new home. Moving out during winter has so many disadvantages, for example, freezing, slipping and falling on ice, having to deal with snow banks among many others. There are a few more reasons apart from those that make moving during the summer a better choice. So why is …

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How to Pack Books and Files

Sort and Discard Unnecessary Books and Files

If you have hired a moving company to handle your transit and are moving quite a long way, you’ll often find that moving companies will charge your cargo by weight as opposed to by volume. In this case, we suggest that you quickly go through your books and files and determine what items you no longer need, and what is worth paying for. Files, books, and documents are generally heavy and when …

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Shoe Packing Tips for a Stress Free Move

Resultado de imagen de packing shoesWhen preparing for a move, you will have to pack-up your footwear sooner or later. When it comes down to shoes, you may be tempted to throw all your shoes into one big box and be done with. But before you do, a little planning and extra care will prevent potential damage.

Benefits Of Packing Your Shoes Correctly While On The Move:

• You will transport your shoes safely
• You will save space
• You will save …

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How to Pack up the Bathroom Before Your Next Move

Packing a bathroom for a move can be a tricky task, considering there are so many littlebathroom items you need to work your way around before getting to the essentials. Even if you hire professional movers to help you out, you’ll still have to pack up the bathroom before they get there. But you don’t need to stress too much over this because you can manage it with a little bit of guidance. Here’s everything you need to know about packing up the …

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