Ingenious Storage Solutions That Are Easy On Your Budget

shutterstock_316819076It isn’t until we think about moving home that we really take stock of how much stuff we have accumulated over the years, especially in a family home. Not only is this potentially problematic for the move itself, it poses questions on where everything will go in the new home. This is a big issue for those moving to smaller houses. All homeowners in this situation need some clever storage solutions that will provide a clean, organized approach …

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5 Tips for De-Cluttering Your Kitchen



The process of de-cluttering your kitchen is actually not a difficult affair if you wish to have efficiency in the kitchen. Below are some easy ways you can renew your kitchen space and make the kitchen experience more worthwhile.

  1. Get Rid of the Unnecessary

This is the time to reclaim your kitchen by removing everything that is not kitchen related. You need to remember that your kitchen is not your bedroom or store hence the need to …

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Best Websites for Housing Rentals in Orlando, Florida That Are Not Craigslist

Finding homes and apartments for rent in Florida can be as easy as doing a search on Craiglist, but there are other rental sites out there that have equally wide options with added features that make apartment-hunting so much easier. Here are the top 5 rental sites for home and apartment listings in Florida.

Hotpads is a map-based directory that allows users to look at listings as well as points of interest, such as parks, …

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The Magical Town of Celebration Florida: The best family neighborhood in Central Florida

According to Walt Disney, Celebration was to be designed to portray a futuristic model of a town. Located in Osceola county in the state of Florida, this census-designated magical town boasts of its unique master plan. Celebration borders the Walt Disney World and is defined by rich landscapes, pathways, amusement parks and trails.

A Planned City

The town is designed into areas known as villages. These villages, in turn, are composed of …

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Four Great Sites That Make Orlando America’s Favorite Family Vacation Destination

shutterstock_376319617shutterstock_426841417A visit to Orlando is easily every person’s idea of a dream vacation, and rightfully so. This electrifying city in Central Florida plays host to more than a score of theme parks and nature preserves, beautiful tree-lined neighborhoods, a good number of fantastic gardens as well as performing art scenes that are thrilling as they are invigorating.


  1. Walt Disney World

Everyone has heard about Walt Disney at one point in time. …

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What Is It Like Living In Kissimmee Florida?


Kissimmee has a lot to offer for anyone that wants to raise their children in a family-friendly Florida town

While it is great to have these theme parks on the doorstep for a family treat now and then, it is also nice to be able to get away from the intensity of these parks at times. Sometimes the natural landscape and wildlife encounters can be just as satisfying. The landscape around Kissimmee is stunning and diverse, with lots of …

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Packing and Moving Delicate Items

shutterstock_333212762The first thing to focus on is cushioning the item. Exactly what you’ll use will vary based on the item you’re packing, but as a general rule of thumb you want to choose a packing material that will give a little bit while still supplying some support. For example: many people try to wrap their valuables in several layers of paper – do NOT do this! Wrapping paper doesn’t give any real support to absorb impacts. Instead, …

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Finding The Right Moving Help In Orlando

Moving is never an easy decision to make. Considering everything that could go wrong is enough to make you remain right where you are. As moving day approaches, it’s likely your stress level could increase, especially if you don’t prepare well ahead of time.

Orlando furniture moversLike any other major town/city, moving to Orlando, Florida will come with its own unique peculiarities. But if you’re able to follow the tips in this article, your transition will be …

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How Many People Live In Orlando Florida

shutterstock_285315371“The City Beautiful,” is just one of the many names Orlando, FL (or O-town) goes by. However, the city has been deemed the theme park capital (of the world). It has the gorgeous Lake Eola fountain which the city is synonymous with (both for its locals, Floridians, and visitors alike), and who could forget the Orlando Magic (for sports fans out there)?


Orlando is one of Central Florida’s most visited destinations; as a …

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What To Expect When Moving to Florida

Moving to Florida and not sure what to expect? Well, it’s “a whole new world” as the song goes, especially if you’re coming from another state. Florida will surely turn your world inside and out, and will make you wonder why you haven’t thought about moving there earlier in the first place?


Here are some of the things to look forward when moving to the one and only Sunshine State:

  1. Your taxes will be …
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